Журнал «Информатика и образование»

Научно-методический журнал по методике обучения информатике и информатизации образования

Правила публикации Архив журнала Редакционная коллегия

Издается с 1986 года. Входит в Перечень ВАК.

Journal «Informatics and Education»

The founders of the journal: Russian Academy of Education , the publishing house ” Education and Informatics” .

The journal is included in the list of Russian scientific journals , which should be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of PhD ( list of VAK ).

Main topics:

  • Issues of information at all levels of education , including education management system;
  • Theory and practice of information-educational environment of educational institutions;
  • Key aspects of the introduction of the federal state educational standards of new generation;
  • Training and retraining of teachers of computer science;
  • General methods of teaching computer science.

The Audience of the journal: teachers of computer science ; managers in education responsible for informatization of education; specialists  responsible for informatization of educational institutions .

Periodicity – 10 times a year ( it does not come out in January and July ) . Volume – at least 64 bands.