Chief Editor of Informatics in School

bosovaLudmila L. BOSOVA

  • Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences
  • Honorary Worker of General Education
  • Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation
  • The winner of the RF Government Prize in Education
  • She was awarded the medal K.D. Ushinskogo
  • Member of the Advisory Council of the Higher Attestation Commission of pedagogy and psychology

Pedagogical activity LL Bosova beginning in 1991, a teacher of computer science high school Ivanovo Istra district of Moscow region, where part-time work continues to the present time. From 2001 to work in school Lyudmila Leonidovna became combined with scientific work at the Institute of Education Informatization RAO, having risen from the leading research assistant to the deputy director for scientific work.

Between 1997 and 2012 she participated in a comprehensive program of RAO “Information and communication technologies in the system of continuous education”, “Information and communication technologies in general, vocational and further education”, “Methodology for the development of national informatization of education system in the health-conditions “.

In 2004-2008 as a leading expert of the National Training Fund has been involved in the project “Informatization of Education System”.

In 2011-2016, LL Bosova worked at the Federal Institute of Education Development in the position of deputy. director and chief researcher of the Center for education of information technology, resources and networks. Working in FGAU “FIRO” led a number of projects related to the development and testing of various types of interactive multimedia e-books, carried out scientific management and the development of additional professional educational programs (training) “Conceptual provisions and information science teaching methods in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation and the GEF “for teachers of general education institutions of the Crimea and Sevastopol.

Currently Lyudmila Leonidovna is head of the department of mathematics and computer science in an elementary school of Moscow State Pedagogical University.

Bosova LL – By teaching kits “Informatics” for 5-6, grades 7-9, including textbooks and workbooks for each year of study, guidelines for teachers, problem book, workshop, control and measuring materials, set of posters, a set of electronic educational resources and methodological support for the site; CMD for baseline study computer science in grades 10-11. Lyudmila Leonidovna – the author of over 300 scientific and educational works, including monographs “Preparing younger students in computer science and ICT: Experiences, Current State and Prospects”, “Creation and use of electronic educational resources for public education.”

A unique fusion of experience and practice of the teacher-scientist-researchers involved in the development and implementation of many large-scale projects in the field of national education, contributed to the formation of LL Bosova as a high-level professional, well-known in our country and in the CIS countries.

Scientific and educational-methodical work of LL Bosova published not only in Russia but also in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and others.