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g «Phanopoeia» («Iight-» or «image-making,» with «melopoeia» and «logopoeia» one of Pound’s «kinds of poetry») is Pound’s original, provisional title for his long poem. He also used the title for a vorticist poem, <Pavo7roela (The Little Review, November 1918; "Phanopoeia," Per8onae, 1926). 1 Pound's friend John Rodker, British poet, novelist, and critic; Pound considered his Adolphe, 1920, one of the valuable developments from Ulysses, along with William Carlos Williams's The Great American s' Position," 1928, Literary Essays, p. 397). Rodker was connected with The Egoist and The Egoist Press, which tried to publish Ulysses in England in 1922; as publisher of The Ovid Press he brought out several of Pound's works.

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