About the publishing house

Publishing house “Education and Informatics” (INFO) was founded in 2000 on the basis of the state enterprise “The editorial board of “Informatics and education” and is its legal successor.

Publishing house publishes two journals: “Informatics and Education” and “Informatics in School”, as well as scientific and methodical literature.

Journal “Informatics and Education” has been published since 1986 and is a leading scientific and methodological publications covering practical issues of informatization of education, the creation of information-educational environment of educational institutions, the use of ICT in the educational process, the problem of training and retraining of teachers of computer science, the various aspects of teaching methods informatics, key aspects of the introduction of a new generation of GEF.

The journal is included in the list of VAK.

Journal “Informatics in School” has been published since 2002 as a subject journal for science teachers. It publishes articles on teaching science; teaching materials; problems with solutions; article about the practice of the competition in computer science; materials for subject teachers who use ICT in their activities; practical materials on use of ICT in primary school and pre-school educational institutions.

The journal is included in the list of VAK.

Publishing house “Education and Informatics” holds several competitions. Among them:

  • All-Russian competition of scientific and methodological work on the methods of teaching science and education informatization held since 2003. The competition is held every year in October-December, its results are fed into the first issue of the journal “Information and Education” and “Computer science in school”, the winners are published in the journals.
  • All-Russian competition of digital images and photographs of the journal “Computer science in school” is held since 2011. The competition is held every six months, its results are fed into the numbers 1 and 6 of the journal “Computer science in school”.

The competition involved teachers and students. Since 2011, the cover of the journal”Computer science in school” are only entries.

Also in the first half of each year, themed competitions for teachers and students:

  • “If I was a teacher of computer science” (a competition for students, 2011);
  • “Entertaining Science” (a competition for students and teachers, 2012);
  • “Let me teach!” (A competition for students in 2014);
  • “Studied computer science with the heroes of his favorite books” (a competition for students and teachers, 2015).

We invite everybody to become the authors of our publications and the participants of our competitions.