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Right direction, reviewing and publishing articles

General provisions

1. All submitted articles are reviewed. Publishing articles is possible only if the positive response reviewers.

2. Since the review and pre-press materials occupy no less than three months, the articles should be sent to the editor in advance.

3. The editors do not charge for the publication of manuscripts graduate (to confirm the status of graduate student should be sent together with the article scanned copy of a certificate of graduate school).

Terms destinations articles

1. Articles submitted for publication in the journal “Information and Education” and “Computer in school” should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the files of the manuscript.

2. Articles accepted for publication only from registered users on the site of the publishing house (register).

3. Articles should be sent to the Editor only in electronic form on the website of the publishing house: submit your article to the editor.

4. If you send the article to the editor in the fields of electronic forms in addition to the mandatory contact information for publication in the journal also need to provide additional information about the author:

  • home mailing address (including zip code);
  • mobile phone;
  • address personal e-mail (e-mail);
  • home phone number (always with area code).

This information is necessary for operational communications with the author of the article and sending copies of the magazine and the author shall not be published.

If there are several authors, you must submit the details of all authors.

Rules review articles

  1. When you receive the article to the editorial board made its Compliance Test:
  • rules for the submission of manuscripts;
  • requirements to file the manuscript.

If the registration is not submitted materials meet the technical requirements, the article is not admitted, the author receives a letter indicating the reasons for the refusal to accept.

After correcting these deficiencies edited article may be re-directed to the publication.

2. Received and accepted for review article is registered, a letter is sent to the author of that article is accepted for consideration.

3. Accepted for review article passes an editorial review.

3.1. The purpose of the editorial expertise carried out the editorial staff of the publishing house, is to assess the content of the article for compliance with the formal requirements of the editorship of the scientific articles on the following essential criteria:

  • Topics matching the profile of the journal article, a statement to the publication (“Information and Education” or “Computer at school”);
  • Compliance with the article title to its content;
  • The presence of the conclusions;
  • The presence of a list of references with links to sources of it in the text.

3.2. If the subject of the article does not match the profile of the magazine or its text is found to be of poor quality, inconsistent with the requirements of the scientific and methodological articles, the article is removed from further consideration, the author forwarded a relevant letter.

3.3. All accepted articles are checked to consider several systems “Anti-plagiarism”.

In case of plagiarism or samoplagiata article is removed from further consideration, the author forwarded a relevant letter.

3.4. As a result of the editorial expertise of the editorial staff are the chief editor of the proposal to the direction of the article reviewers – specialists on peer-reviewed articles.

4. The last formal examination of an editorial article after the approval of the chief editor of nominees is sent to reviewers them (by agreement) for scientific examination.

4.1. The purpose of scientific expertise article is to assess:

  • Scientific innovation;
  • Theoretical and practical significance of the content;
  • The possibility of introducing the results presented in the practice of education.

4.2. The presence in the materials submitted by the author external review article is not necessary but desirable, because it allows to reduce terms of scientific expertise.

4.3. Article sent to reviewers in electronic form (e-mail) with a covering letter of the results of the formal examination.

4.4. The reviewer is a review to the editor in an arbitrary manner or in accordance with the proposed edited form. Text version of the review is submitted in hard copy (in hard copy) with a personal signature or electronic form from the email address of the reviewer. Reviews represented on paper, are scanned and stored electronically. Reviews submitted electronically, printed and stored in the editorial in the paper version.

4.5. All reviews are stored in the editorial in electronic and paper form for five years. Upon request, copies of reviews are available at the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

4.6. According to the reviews, edition takes one of the solutions:

  • take an article for publication;
  • send the article for additional review;
  • to send their recommendations to finalize the article in line with the comments of reviewers;
  • reject the article from publication.

5.The final decision about the publication of articles in different directions reviews accepts INFO editor in chief.

6. If an article needs to be expanded, the author sent the relevant recommendations of the reviewers and / or amended.

Return articles for revision does not mean that it is accepted for publication.

Revised article may be re-submitted for publication. The date of receipt of the article to the editorial board considered the date of receipt of the amended version.

When finalizing the articles it again passes the editorial and scientific expertise.

7. In the case of deviations from the publication of the article the author directs the editorial reasoned refusal.

8. Date review article (verification of compliance with the formal rules, the editorial expertise, scientific expertise) – up to three months.

Terms of publishing articles

1. Articles accepted for publication, the magazine is distributed by category depending on the topic of the article. The decision as to which category the article is printed, edited taken.

2. Accepted article is queued for publication.

3. Terms of article publication ranged from one to six months depending on the topic articles and the total number of items in the queue for publication. These terms do not include terms of editorial and scientific expertise.

4. Prepared for publication paper (as a text file or a pdf-file) is sent to the author for approval. If the author does not respond editorial articles on the harmonization article is removed from the publication of this release and placed in the queue for publication. Articles not agreed with the authors, journal “Information and Education” and “Computer in school” is not published.

5. After the publication of the article in print is sent to the author free of charge one copy of the magazine with the published article (by registered post to the home address).

6. The author can get published article and the content of the release of the magazine article in electronic form (as a pdf-file) at any time after the issue of the magazine sent to the printer by making a request to the e-mail edition.