Журнал «Информатика в школе»

Научно-практический журнал по методике обучения информатике

Правила публикации Архив журнала Редакционная коллегия

Издается с 2002 года. Входит в Перечень ВАК.

Journal «Informatics in school»

The founder of the journal: publishing house ” Education and Informatics”.

Main topics:

  • specific questions of informatics teaching methods, including the methodical development of lessons;
  • didactic materials for informatics;
  • Materials for preparing for the exam and the OGE;
  • Tasks with computer solutions;
  • Olympiad in Informatics;
  • Informatics and ICT in primary school and pre-school education.

The target audience of the journal: teachers and professors of computer science; Methodists in computer science; students of pedagogical universities and colleges – the future teacher of computer science; professionals responsible for informatization of educational institutions.

Publication frequency – 10 times a year (not published in January and July). Volume – at least 64 bars.