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If you have interesting material on the subject of our magazines, share it with our readers! Write to us and become the author of our publications.

Journal “Informatics and Education” – questions of information at all levels of education, education management.

JournalInformatics in school” – practical aspects of the methods of teaching science.

Before you send us material, please read the rules for authors and technical requirements.

Requirements for manuscript files.

  1. The text should be submitted in the format of text editor Microsoft Word:
    • paper size – A4;
    • all margins – 2 cm;
    • font – Times New Roman, font size – 12 pt, line spacing – 1.5 (half) slot;
    • graphic materials are inserted into the text.
  2. The file with article should contain the following data for publication, you must strictly adhere to the following sequence: (please check the clearance on the model of the article: download sample article):
    • Surname of the author (s) in Russian.
    • Workplace of the author (s) in Russian. You must specify the location of each author. If the name of the organization should not belong to the village, a comma is necessary to specify the name of the village.
    • Title of the article in Russian.
    • Abstract in Russian (3-5 lines in the above format).
    • Key words in Russian (not more than 10, a comma).
    • Detailed information about the authors – for each of the authors:
      – Surname, first name, middle name (in full);
      – academic degree;
      – The academic title;
      – position;
      – place of work;
      – The address of the place of work (always with the index);
      – A working telephone number (always with area code);
      – E-mail (e-mail).
    • Surname of the author (s) in English.
    • Workplace of the author (s) in English.
    • Title of the article in English.
    • Abstract in English.
    • Key words in English (separated by commas).
    • Text of the article in the above format.
    • The list of literature and Internet sources, arranged in alphabetical order.
  3. The presence in the materials sent by the author of an external review of the article does not affect the timing and results of the review.
  4. If necessary, the article may be accompanied by additional material in electronic form (presentation, program listings, books Excel, examples of works, etc.), Which will be posted on the website info.
  5. Illustrations should be submitted as separate image files (even if present in a document Word) in TIFF or JPG, resolution – not less than 300 pixels per inch.